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106 WCOD

wants you to go social with 

Dan & Stephanie

for your chance to win a freezer-full

of the smoothest, creamiest, most flavorful ice cream

on Cape Cod from Cape Cod Creamery!!!

To win, just go to

Dan & Stephanie's

facebook page and play their

"Cape Cod Creamery Caption Contest"!

Every Friday morning at 8:10 Dan & Stephanie

will choose the person with the best Caption

who will win six quarts of Cape Cod Creamery

ice cream to share with their

friends....family....maybe even co worker!

Some things in life are good enough for a little

splurge and Cape Cod Creamery ice cream is

definately on that list! So, play

Dan & Stephanie's

"Cape Cod Creamery Caption Contest"

and get ready to win with

Cape Cod Creamery and the Cape's Best Music 106 WCOD